What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

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Are you looking to ship your car? If yes, then the thought of the budget must have crossed your mind. It is often believed that getting your car shipped can be pretty expensive. But ensuring the safety of the car is very important. So, we often deal with the expenses. Now, there is no particular car transport service or carmover who would provide you with the cheapest ways. But there are a few things that you can keep in your mind to keep the cost less.

  • Open-air or enclosed transport 

When you make a decision out of one of these, it affects the cost of shipping. For obvious reasons, open-air trailers are less expensive in comparison to the enclosed ones. A car is safer in an enclosed surface and any damage caused would be only because of the negligence of the driver. That is also usually covered in insurance. Whereas, the insurance plans for open-trailers are mostly worse than the former. There are more open-trailer car transport services in the market than enclosed ones. This opens them up to a competitive environment which again gives us cheaper and better rates.

  • The size of the car

Another factor that would affect the cost of shipping would be the weight of the car. A heavier car would definitely be more expensive to ship. So, a sedan will always be cheaper to ship than an SUV. The reason is that a heavy vehicle has to be lifted. It takes more headspace of the truck where another vehicle could potentially fit. So, it adds up to the cost of shipping. You cannot change the car you have to ship, but you can reduce the weight by removing any personal heavy items lying in the car. 

  • Terminal to terminal shipping

    If you drop your car at the particular terminal where they pick all cars from, it becomes very cheap. Then they drop the car at a similar terminal point near your destination. It is cheaper because the trucks pick up many cars from these points and they don’t have to travel to your doorstep to pick up or drop your car. But this kind of shipping is not recommended as these areas are very congested and cars can go through wear and tear.

Now, wanting the shipping not be so expensive is okay. But you cannot expect the shipping to be unusually cheap. If you do come across any such website or company, be alert. If you find a company that is offering you far lower than the competitive market price, then they might be shady carmovers. You get what you pay for. And you pay for your car’s security, safety and timely delivery in a fair manner. If you aren’t paying enough, then the chances are that you might be compromising with these factors.

If you are looking to get your car shipped at a reasonable price, CarMover is the company that you are looking for. We are India’s premier and largest fleet of carmover and packers situated in Gurgaon. We work for large automobile manufacturing companies and also for individuals. There are many shady car moving companies that drive the car just to save money and offer a cheaper price, but they don’t even use the mover truck. We hand you the keys of your own car so that you can be assured. We also fit a GPS fitted device in your car to keep you updated with the location of your car at every time.

You can relax once you choose us as your car shippers as it is out duty to get your car and drop it where it is supposed to be.