Even though car transport services are considered safer and more convenient, there are a few obstacles in this option. Bad weather is one such thing. The impact of bad weather cannot be controlled by any means. 

It is often seen during lousy weather that customers become very restless about the fact that their deliveries are delayed, and the promised delivery date is not being met.

This is why you need to know how bad weather affects your car’s shipment process.

  • Delay

If your car transport service tells you that the weather conditions are wrong, you should expect a delay in the delivery time. Although some weathers can be predicted on time and the delivery time can be given accordingly, sometimes emergency changes in the weather cannot be predicted. Clouds can form anytime, and it may cause a storm/thunder-like situation. This type of climate cannot be predicted every time. This might lead to delay in dispatching, sudden halts, alterations in the old route or traffic along the way due to water blocks.

  • Possible damage

Even though these car transport services take every step to ensure your car’s safety, there is not much they can do in case of bad weather. If your car is being shipped through water, there are great chances of being damaged. The rough waves can cause too much movement for the car to bear. Moreover, if the shipping is by road and your car is in an open transport, rain or thunder can cause wear and tear to your car. Thunderstorms might get your car hit by a stone or other objects. 

  • Blocked roads

This is the most common reason for places where it snows or rains quite often. An 18-wheeler vehicle in itself is a very heavy item. It also contains the cars in addition to its weight. In such a complex situation, the truck can’t drive on, say, a snow-ridden road.  

  • Increased rates

If the weather is already predicted to be the worst during the delivery, the rates are already set high. Bad weather sometimes means changing the route as the original route is damaged or full of snow or simply just blocked. This might increase the distance being travelled by truck. This is another reason for increased rates. The knowledge of an increased risk of accidents during bad weather is also a reason for increased rates

All you can do to avoid such a situation is research the climate. Try to find out the best and safest season to carry out a car shipment. If you can wait until then, it would become very convenient. 

Another thing you can do is choose an enclosed vehicle for shipping. Even though open trailers are cheaper and do not pose any problem, bad weather enclosed vehicles protect the car from outside elements.

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