Car Shipping vs Driving: Which Is Better for Your Upcoming Move?

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When it comes to moving a vehicle across the city, there are many things to process. Sure, a road trip filled with adventure and thrill seems like the way to go, but there are numerous factors to consider before you make your decision. If you are buying a new car which is to be shipped from outside the city, is it better to drive it back home or to send it? Let’s focus on a few key factors circling the topic.

  • Distance

The driving distance between the two points is the most significant factor to consider. Once you calculate the actual road distance, you would be able to make an informed decision. Now, you know the amount of fuel that will is going to be and its cost. Also, while taking note of the distance, make sure to check the route, the terrain, traffic, tolls and other practical factors like food stalls and restaurants in the way. So much tension and inconvenience would probably lead you to choose the other alternative wherein all you have to do is hand over your vehicle to car shippers.

  • Time consumption

Moving your car across cities can be a time-consuming task. It might take days on end to reach your destination. You will also need to rest from time to time if you drive alone. So, if you have any time-bound commitments or limited time on your hands, then shipping the car seems like the best option for you.

  • Budget

Driving the car yourself might seem like a more economical choice at first but consider this. The expenses while driving yourself would include fuel, the taxes, parking fees, cost of meals and places to stay for the night. It would also wear off your new vehicle from such a long trip.

  • Safety

The safety of your vehicle is of utmost importance. If you are driving on your own, many risks surround your trip like wear and tear of the car, harsh weather, theft, accidents, etc. All these risks get eliminated if you choose to get your vehicle shipped. It remains unused and out of trouble till it is in your hands.

  • Convenience

Driving by yourself can pose a lot of problems and complications. You will have to figure out a place to stay at night, a good and safe parking space, the best route to travel and many other things. During the journey, you might face problems regarding tyre puncture, etc. In case of shipment of the car, all you have to do is get it ready to be loaded in the truck and then get it loaded in front of you. Everything else is taken care of.

All these factors clarify that car shipping is a better option to move your vehicle across the city. The most important thing is to choose a car shipping service wisely. CarMover is the best car transport service located in Gurgaon. We move cars for wholesalers, manufacturers, and car showrooms consistently. We have been doing this for years, and we have an excellent record. We have more than 100 trucks specially designed to carry cars from one place to another. We have experienced and trained drivers who leave nothing at stake. We take your vehicles’ safety very seriously by taking steps such as keeping chains and hooks to keep the car in place, sturdy floors and roof and enough place between every vehicle. We do not drive your vehicle to save costs, and we install a GPS device in your car to keep you updated with your vehicle’s location.