Things to Discuss During Your First Call with an Auto Transport Company

Seeking car carrier services has proven to be very successful to relocate your vehicle and the only difficulty you face during the whole process, is actually when you want to select the best carmover amongst the plethora of companies that have established themselves in the industry. 

You would only want to hand over your car to the trustworthy and reliable car transport in Gurgaon and for that, you have to ask the right questions to narrow down your search to the best. Don’t entertain messed-up answers, notice if the company is confident enough while answering your queries, and then only move forward. 

So..without any further delay, let’s get started with the list of important questions. 

  1. Are they licensed?  to make sure you’re dealing with an honest company is to see that they possess all the appropriate licenses.
  2. What are their quotes? A good car shipping company is going, to be honest about their rates. The quotes differ according to the distance and other factors, which are finalized during the consultation process.
  3. Are there any hidden charges:- This is one of the most important questions to ask? If you think you have acquired a good quote from the company, be sure there are no hidden costs left for the future. Before signing a contract, ensure to ask if they have any sort of unexpected charges and the quotes stated them by now includes everything. 
  4. Why should we choose them:- there is a range of car shipping companies, the right company must be able to justify what makes them different from all the other movers. This will help you to make a better decision, you need to look at their success record and check their reviews on websites to see if they have a number of satisfied customers. 
  5. Do they provide insurance certificates? A good company guarantees to move your car safely and securely but accidents are unpredictable. Therefore, they’ll provide you with a certificate stating that if any damage is caused to your car, they’ll be responsible and pay you to get it repaired. If the company fails to provide you this, it’s better to look elsewhere. 
  6. Do they have references you can speak to? Some companies post fake reviews on social media for you to trust them. For double surety, ask them to show you the personally sent reviews by the past clients or arrange a phone call with them so that you can talk to them to know their experience. 
  7. Ask for the modes of payment:- a reputed company will never ask for advanced payment and they will allow payments through online mode and credit card. 
  8.  How should you prepare your car before shipping?  Make sure to check with your auto shipping company the set of things you need to do before your vehicle is shipped to its destination.
  9. When will your car be delivered? Though this would differ as per the distance and route, a good company might be able to give your estimated time as their team of drivers knows the best routes and possess vast experience in shipping cars on time. 

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