Can I Keep My Same Auto Insurance When I Move to a New State?

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When you move from one state to another, things become very daunting on a lot of fronts, firstly you have to settle at a totally new place in a different state with unknown surroundings and other various factors that need to be taken care of. One of the most important changes related to your car insurance has to be looked after. 

The car insurance policy works all across India but you need to upgrade it when you plan to move from one state to another, for that matter you have to hire car transport for relocating. 

The price for car insurance differs from location to location, which means your premium could alter. You can also lookout for a new car transport service if the rate increases. CarMover offers you the best quotes for moving your car for long distances, so we are the best car Mover for you to switch. 

So, why do you need to update your car insurance when you move? There are basically two reasons. Firstly, your car insurance company might not function in the state you are moving to as each state has its licenses for insurance, and secondly, even if the company has a presence at that particular place then your car insurance might be demanding a premium which modifies as per the location. 

It’s crucial to inform your car insurance company that you are moving from one state to another so that you can contact a new one to get your car registered in another state. Plus, if your car meets an accident, you would need to notify the company to cover your expenses. Lastly, not registering your car in the state you are moving is considered fraud in many states. This might have made a crystal clear importance of updating your car insurance. 

If you are moving temporarily then it doesn’t require you to update it but cross-check with your car insurance company about the timeline of the same insurance works in another state without up-gradation. 

Your auto insurance price is based on a number of factors such as age, driving experience, safety record, vehicle type, age, and location. And your car insurer will update the prices in alignment with these factors. “Location has the major role to play in the increased prices.” Following are the reasons for what has been quoted. 

  1. You shift to a state with a more number of car accidents or a higher rate of stolen cars.
  2. Or a state with a higher or different state minimum insurance requirements.

Each car insurance company has its own set of rules and regulations.  So,  it’s very important to discuss with them first and confirm if they offer car insurance where you are moving, ask about the prices, and check when you can update your insurance. 

Don’t cancel your old auto insurance before you acquire a new one as it can be risky if you are unable to get new on time due to any reason and then you would have no one to blame but you. 

Make sure to update your address after you move by giving your new address to the insurance company. 

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