Interstate Car Transport Services in India: Everything you wanted to know

What are Interstate Car Transport Services?

Interstate Car Transport Services are responsible for carrying and transmitting across borders. Car Transport services in Delhi offer a wide range of facilities for customers which make their transition period to their new home favorable.


Why should you choose Car Transport Services?

Driving on your own for prolonged journeys can be difficult especially when you’re not a professional driver. It can be mentally and physically draining.

There’s more to it:

  1. Car Transport Services ensure the safety of your vehicle no matter how long the journey is.
  2. The company you choose is liable and accountable for any damage that happens to your car during the journey.
  3. It offers you a chance to sit back and relax as shifting can be a hectic process.


What options do you have regarding the mode of transportation?

Car Transport Services offer various options when it comes to mode of transportation. You can choose the option that best suits your preferences. Factors that might affect your decision are:

  1. The size and model of your car
  2. Distance of the transportation journey
  3. Your budget

Let’s get to the options now!

  1. Transportation by Trains: You can transport your car using Indian railways if your budget allows it. You might be wondering if there’s enough space for your car to fit inside a train. You’d be intrigued to know that Indian railways use a flat caravan to make interstate transportation of vehicles possible. This might cost you a lot more money than usual, but it ensures the optimum safety of your car. Along with being expensive, this method is also unavailable in many areas of the country, especially relatively remote ones. You can contact the railways’ parcel office to confirm the availability and cost of the service.
  2. Transportation through car carrier trucks: An affordable way to transport your car to another state is transportation through car carriers. Car Carrier trucks are installed with special equipment and space to safely transport your car to the destination. Unlike trains, and other modes of transport, transportation through car carrier trucks offer a door-to-door facility which is way more convenient. Many car showrooms and companies use this method to get new models transported to their facility.


Couple of things to take care of:

  1. Always go for a registered company to ensure security and answerability
  2. Make sure the company has an insurance policy
  3. Check out their website and customer service policy
  4. Do your market research and compare price quotations

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