Your Ultimate Guide For Safe Car Transport In Delhi, Gurgaon And Noida

That feeling of excitement is amazing when you plan to shift to a new place, but sometimes the excitement converts into a scary thought when you see things leaving behind, especially when it’s something precious and big. Yes, it’s your valuable car! Since you have lots of memories with the car and it’s a big financial investment too, so you can’t leave it behind. Car transport in Delhi can help you in moving your vehicle to the new city.

Consider these 4 points for safe car transport.

1. Avoid the shipping of personal items

The common standard between all car transport in Gurgaon is they don’t allow shipping of other valuable items with the transporting of the car. Personal items like photographs, documents, or any other individual’s items are wholly restricted during transportation. A careful check of personal items is mandatory before sending the car for the shipment.

2. Pre-wash is mandatory

While car transport in Noida happens dust and dirt may get settled on it. A pre-shipping wash will ensure that your car stays in better condition throughout the entire process. This will also help you in providing a clear picture of existing damages and any other damages after the car reaches to your new doorsteps. You can easily catch the damages caused by shipping.

3. Understand your insurance

You must be amongst those who take car insurance before its car transport in Delhi. Know your insurance well, read each and every clause stated in the insurance. Don’t forget to look for shipment damage clause as chances are high. Although in premium insurance the damage is covered with a slight surcharge.

4. Record keeping

Be careful of every appearance of your vehicle before you choose to transport it across to the destination you are shifting to. Pen down every dent, part that is intact and scratch, in the car before car transport. Capture the dents and scratch of your car to check the damages if there’ll be any after the transport. At Car Mover, we create check lists for you at the time of pick up and drop off to double check your findings and for you to be assured of a safe, damage free transportation.

For car lovers, their car is an important asset of the family and leaving it behind is not an alternative. Here is when Car Mover, the professional car transport company can help. If you or any of your friend is looking for car transport service, you can contact us!

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