Transport Your Car Safely With Car Mover, The Car Transport Service In Gurgaon

Owing a car is talk of pride, as it is the other important investment after your house. So transporting a car from one place to another is a critical decision that you need to take with care. A few car owners think driving the car to the new location is better than transporting it through a car transport service. But driving the car to the new destination comes with many loopholes, your car can get break down in the middle or may get a shortage of gas with no gas stations in the way. So, it’s better to be prepared for the worst scenario.

Therefore, the best way to transport your valuable car from one place to another is to hire a car transport service in Gurgaon that transport you car with safety at an affordable price amidst cut-throat competition. We don’t drive cars; rather we use well maintained fleet of car transport trucks to move cars.

Car Mover can be your safe Car transport partner. We’ll transport your car from your existing address to the new address without any hassle. You can track your car been transported right from your couch and can keep your car keys with you. We allow you to keep you ca keys to ensure that they are being transported in a truck and not driven around. We are a well-known car transport service provider in the city and ship your car in a GPS fitted enclosed trucks that reduced the chances of damage. Your car is safe in our trucks, and our experts know their job better. We dispatch your car at your new doorsteps with ease. Our trucks protect your car from dust, harmful elements of nature, storm, etc. Additionally, the trucks are furnished with additional safety features to keep your pride spotless.

Some more things you need to consider before handling your car to a car transport service in Gurgaon.

 1. Insurance is mandatory

Before handling your car to the car transport service ensure that the company have provided you with car insurance that includes all the key clauses. If your car transport company is not providing you with insurance, then you can take the advice of your insurance company to claim the insurance.

2. Cost of Shipping

As the demand for car transporting service is increasing, especially in metropolitan cities, which is resulting in the higher price of transportation. Try to collect the quoted price of all reputed car transportation service in Gurgaon to get the right pick. Or, you can hire Car Mover for affordable pricing and safe shipping.

Are you seeking for a city to city car shipping company? Car Mover can help, visit our website or give us a phone call for more related information.

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