The effect technology has had on the automobile business and its growth cannot be undermined. With one click on a flat screen you can call someone to collect your car for transportation, and with one click you can track it throughout its journey.



Authorized car movers and packers know your car is an asset you cannot lose, and thus have come up with the advancement of GPS tracker on their car carriers, so you can check your car’s whereabouts in transit, simply by logging into the mobile and web apps affiliated with it.

Security, is more often connected to your psychological ease, and so is our sense of duty.



  •   Protection against fraud

The GPS tracking system can tell you if your car was unnecessarily stopped for longer intervals in between, if the car carrier lost its way, or in a case of fraudulence or theft, changed the course and escaped. The tracking permits you to keep an eye on where your car is, and the agency to check the reliability of their workers.

Trackers can help you spot a shady car moving agency.


  •   Productivity and Efficiency Check

For the customer to be able to form an opinion about a service, they need to be acquainted with their performance. Knowing how many breaks were taken, the speed throughout, and the geographical knowledge of the drivers, the tracker can help you understand the management, efficiency, and productivity of professional employees.


  •   Time Estimation

Tracking the location of your car in real-time can give you an estimate of the time taken to reach the destination, so you can relax and rely on the time management of the professionals handling a packers and movers’ vehicle.


  •   Fleet Management

In the case of moving more than one vehicle on trucks with enclosures, you can keep an eye on the entire fleet, so that none of them trail behind and wander. If all the carriers in a bunch can come infused with the GPS system, you can stay at ease.


  •   Emergency

In case of being unable to track any movement of your car carrier or a failure in the connection or mechanism of certain apps, you can immediately contact customer service in case of any unfortunate emergency.



With Car Mover- justified to be providing the best services for car transportation in Delhi– we move hundreds of cars across India in our own fleet of 250+ car carriers, with protective closures and GPS trackers, so you can always track your vehicle as we take care of the car logistics.

Our strategy was formulated for your satisfaction, so we can pick and drop your car intact and safe, on time. Without any hidden charges at the time of billing or final quotes, manually send you a daily tracker of your car in transit, along with the tracker and 24×7 system dedicated to helping, whenever.

A migration methodology polished with over 15 years of experience, based on safety, peace of mind, and trust.