Planning to move?

Cannot decide whether you should go through the hustle of driving your car through the journey or handling it to car movers and packers?

Worried if your car will be safe or not?


Well, to make it simpler, there are two main categories to choose from- Open trucks and enclosed trucks.

Open truck transport moving refers to moving your car in a two-tier truck with a shed without side walls and tailgate, usually used to transport a standard model, preferably used.

Enclosed truck transport refers to moving your car in a truck with an enclosed shed at the back, secured with a tailgate, used to contain a brand new, expensive, or for sale car.

To compare the two, we will go through a list of parameters to keep in mind before concluding what suits you the best, and why.


THE DIFFERENCE- revealing the pros and cons


  •   Multi-car/ Single-car hauler

Open trailers carry multiple vehicles at once, for simpler and easier work when carrying used cars, whereas enclosed truck carriers move only one vehicle at a time, thus being a single-car hauler.


  •   Exotic car carrier/ standard car carrier

For a car that is bigger in size, newer model, or costlier in price, trucks with enclosures are favourable since they carry only one at a time, thus giving more space and attention for your vehicle transport than open trucks, that move multiple trucks altogether. Open trucks do not tend to opt for moving an expensive car since individual attentiveness is lacking.


  •   Affordability

Open trucks are cheaper in rates, implying their fuel cost and more capacity for loading multiple cars simultaneously. When going for more affordable car transportation in Delhi, open trailer loading is favourable, however less secure.

Enclosed trucks, on the other hand, are clearly more expensive, since they are heavy, implying more expense of fuel usage and single-car shipping at a time.

  •   Security

Through unpredictable weather conditions, road debris, or dust, trucks with enclosures are preferred to keep your vehicle secure in every circumstance.

Open trailers on the contrary lack a shed, and thus the security that comes with it.

For a more secure experience, enclosed trucks are the go-to choice.


  •   Delivery

Justified with one car at a time transport, enclosed cars offer premium service, which often takes time. Open-air trucks can be chosen when urgent immediate delivery is needed since multiple cars can be towed together, unlike enclosed trucks.


THE ROLE OF CARMOVER.IN being the most trustworthy car moving agency in areas around Delhi and NCR, proved its reliability by opting for trucks with enclosures as a carrier and caretaker of your precious wheels. Professionally licensed by the federal motor carrier safety administration, we serve you, according to your preferences and budget availability, so that you can hand over the car moving liability to us, and relax.

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