Many car owners will need to transport a car at some point. This could be a short distance, local move or a much longer haul across India. For many reasons, it may not be practical for you to drive the vehicle and this is where a car transportation company can help. The car transport services in Gurgaon guarantee that your valuable car is transported safely & sound to the provided destination. You can be rest assured that your vehicle will reach the destination you are relocating without any hassle.

Some significant features of car transport services are listed here.

Types of transported cars 

A car transport service is available for all kinds of cars.

  • Sedans
  • Small cars
  • Jeeps
  • SUVs
  • Hatchbacks

Safety for cars

The major concern while car transport in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida is to prevent scratches and dents. The vehicle needs to be delivered in an original condition to the provided address. For this, car shipping companies employ security measures to guard the car. Some of them are given below.

  • High-quality wheel stoppers block accidental sliding of the car.
  • High-quality locks and safety chains are used to protect the car in a set position.
  • Hydraulic ramp prevents the car movement.
  • To preserve seats from spills, special seat covers are used.

The keys of the car are kept safe with the owner during the transit. 

Door to door delivery

Car Transport companies provide car delivery on a door to door basis. This means that your car is picked up by a professional team right from your door and delivered to the exact given location. Thus, the vehicle is not driven at any step of shipping. Once the car reaches its final destination, it is unloaded and handed over to the client in the same condition.

Efficient Transportation 

The drivers at car transportation companies are trained and licensed. If the distance which needs to be covered is long, then two drivers are appointed and are equipped with the necessary paperwork for smooth and easy transit. 

Type of Clients

Apart from individual clients, car transportation companies also render service to reputed car manufacturing companies such as Mahindra, Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen, Maruti, and other top car companies.


Companies offering .use the latest technology to track the car transporters. Thus, the customer can track his/her car from anywhere and can get the exact location. 

Car Mover has been helping its clients in the transportation of their cars since 22 years with safe delivery and GPS tracking feature.  With us, your car is safe! Contact us for more details.

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