Move Your Car With Car Transport In Delhi, Gurgaon And Noida

You are going to have long-distance travel, and all your essentials are packed in the in a moving truck, But, is your car ready to get transported? Have you planned, how to ship the vehicle from one location to another? Well, we have the solution to all your worries. And the solution is car transport in a packed GPS fitted truck. Hiring a professional car transport in Gurgaon can help you in transporting your valuable vehicle in no-time. Keep these few tips in mind when you plan to ship your car with care.

¬†First, understand your option most firms who process car transport in Delhi in open or enclosed trucks, says Car Mover. Try not to choose open trucks for the transportation of the car as your car will be unprotected from the outside element damages. It’s better to choose the company who offer car transport in enclosed trucks. It will increase the safety of the car and will result in no damage. Enclosed trucks are ideal for your classic and high-end cars.

When you research car services, ensure to check out the reviews and pricing of the service provider. According to Car Mover, some factors that may affect are:

  • Distance
  • Weight and size of the car
  • Time of the year
  • Existing location

It’s also important to ask your transport company whether they are insured or not and ask your insurance agent to check if the insurance covers the car or not as the third party transports the vehicle. And don’t forget to hire the company which is registered; check all its papers before hiring.

If you have hired a car transport in Noida, don’t forget to take the following transportation.

  • Inspect your car properly before it been loaded on the carrier to see if there are any scratch or damages. and it is better to click a photo.
  • Check if any of your personal belonging are not left inside the car.
  • If there is any car alarm in your car, then confirm if the carrier wants it to be deactivated.

Whether you plan to tow your car or to hire a car transport for the job, remember to choose the option wisely. Car Mover can be your car carrier in the journey of transportation. We take your car from your doorsteps and dispatch to the exact address that is given to us.

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