Enclosed Vs. Open Car Transport

Are you planning to move to a new state and look forward to getting your car transport with the help of a professional car carrier? 

Then, let us tell you that there are two types of options for car transport in Delhi open and enclosed.

Your car is relocated by truck whether you choose- open or enclosed car transport.

In the case of open transport, your car is shipped on a long and two-level trailer. This option is apt when you want to ship a standard model or a used car. 

If you want to ship a brand new car or luxurious car, then enclosed transport is the best choice because it ensures utmost security and protection to your vehicle.

 Open car shipping:- 

PROS:- open car transport is favorable because it is affordable as more than one vehicle can be loaded at a time which means cheaper rates for shipping your car. On the other hand, open trailers are lighter in weight which implies cheaper fuel costs. 

Delivery of the vehicle is quick when you rely on open transport.

CONS:- In open transport, your vehicle is directly exposed to unfavorable weather conditions which makes your car dirty as each car is not individually covered in two leveled trailers. No kind of protection is provided to your car from road debris.

Enclosed Car shipping:- 

PROS:- The substantial amount of safety and protection is catered to your vehicle in enclosed car shipping as it is closed from all sides meaning it is secure from poor weather or road debris.

The drivers of enclosed transport are skilled enough to carefully ship high-end vehicles.

A single car is shipped at a time therefore all the attention on your car in terms of care extended to it.


Enclosed trailers are quite expensive as compared to open trailers because they are heavy and make the cost of fuel less efficient. At the same time, only one vehicle is delivered at once which makes it more costly.

The final cost is highly affected by the method of shipping you choose for. You have to pay less in an open trailer but also have to compromise with the safety of your vehicle too. Security is 100% guaranteed in enclosed trailers. 

Various other factors affect the prices of shipping such as distance, location( both starting and arrival destinations), the model of car( lightweight cars are cost-efficient), the condition of the vehicle. 

The cost of shipping is calculated altogether by considering these points. 

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