“I will have to move my car”, makes you rethink all sorts of things. Security, budgeting, ease, time management, all of these concerns hover over your mind once you decide to shift.

Moving can be tedious. From packing to accommodating to settling in, however, making sure your car stays intact tops the list. For a car so dear to you, choosing the best car movers and packers before you travel to your destination is your prime priority, and keeping it intact is the movers’ responsibility. To make sure you’re provided with the best quality experience of car moving, here are the 7 essential checks before you choose your righteous mover-

  1. Budget Allocation

Shifting can cost you a lot of money, henceforth budgeting for your car mover is very important. Setting a practical limit for your expenditure makes selection easier. Explore the options that are cost-effective and trustworthy.


  1. Go through company portfolios

Search engines can prepare a catalogue of hundreds of car packer and mover companies for you to choose from. Reliability comes with an in-depth study of their websites, work, portfolios, and background checks. A start-up company will mostly have an amateur way of handling their vehicles, compared to an experienced one.


  1. Registration and License

Make sure the companies you’re in favour of are registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and have an authorised licence, to prevent any scam.


  1. Policies and Procedure

Understand the policies and procedures that the company follows, regarding the checklists they go through, terminals of delivery- if door pick-up is available- and the policies that ensure your car’s safety. Consult about the quotes that can differ according to the distance and other factors.


  1. Assurance of an Insurance certificate

In case of unpredictable accidents, good companies ensure an insurance certificate to repay for the damages done if it is their fault. Checking if the insurance certificate is written in and included in their policy is essential before opting for any car moving agency.


  1. Tracking, Mode of payment, and Hidden Charges

The companies’ system of tracking the moving vehicle for client’s surety, the availability of customer service, mode of payment, and if there are any hidden GST, loading or covid charges added at the time of the final bill.


  1. Research for reviews

After all is said and done, checking for customer reviews is an essential final step before you decide to move forward. Customer reviews are prominent in altering the ranking of a firm, since they open up real viewpoints based on experiences, so you can have an overall idea.



Car Mover, a certified and licensed car transportation company in Delhi and Gurgaon gives you the green flag for all of these pointers and more. With its experience of years and vast fleet of owned trucks, they have trained their professional drivers to take care of your car, through all the challenges, offering door pick-up service and delivery, so you can move, hassle-free.

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