4 Mistakes you need to avoid while transporting your car

When you seek to transport your car from one state to another there are many options to go with. While all the move car companies serve the same purpose, there can be a lot of difference between the services all these companies offer to their clients. Therefore, you need to understand the 4 mistakes which usually people make when looking for shipping your car to avoid last-minute surprises. 

Let’s discuss these 4 mistakes before hiring car transport in Gurgaon.
Avoid paying too much 

The rates of car transport in Gurgaon differs from company to company. You need to look for which company is charging what amount and then need to make a choice. Ensure that the shipping company will charge you what exactly they have promised during the conversation to avoid the last-minute addition of charges, so you can’t even bargain. Many companies offer you the move car cost for free which can help you in comparing the prices of car transportation and avoid extras. 
Check out your car transportation company

Any transport business that transports vehicles including cars needs to get registered with the Department of Transport. If in their transportation process inter-state transportation is also included, then they need to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These car transport in delhi will be allotted with a shipping registration number by the government body, which they’ll provide to you, so you can check them on the appropriate government website. Don’t hire a car transport company that won’t provide you their MC or DoT number and don’t provide you appropriate reply in return and verbally both. Some of the companies make fake promises and don’t provide anything written. Also, for your safety don’t forget to ask for past customers’ feedback and reviews. 

Ensure it’s having insurance coverage

Any move car company that offers interstate car transportation needs to have a car insurance policy to keep it safe and secure from the car transport during the car transportation. From your hired company ask for the insurance certificate copy and read all the conditions clearly so you can understand what it covers while it’s being transported. Sometimes, many companies do not give insurance within the transportation, you need to ask for it that may include extra fees. 
Vacant your car before the shipping process

You might think that it’s a brilliant idea to load your car with a lot of home stuff that you also want to shift from the current location. But it’s been prohibited by the law. The car needs to be empty during the process of transportation. Some of the companies might allow you to keep stuff in the car but it’s not considered as a safer idea as it might lead to the breakdown of your beloved car during the transportation phase. So, it’s always a good idea to transport your car empty.
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